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Joel Bailey

I’m a Service Designer. This website is about my passion – service. In a global economy that relies on services, I want to understand what service is, how it works and ways we can improve it for the benefit of everyone.

I've written a paper about service. Get "Full Service" here for free.

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15 years experience in service design and human-centred innovation

I’m Director at EY Seren, EY’s global transformation engine, and Forrester’s Global Innovation Leader 2019. Prior to that I was Director of Livework UK, the original service design agency, and Director of Service Design at Capita.

Throughout my career I’ve sought to make services better for customers, better for providers and better for employees.

Full Service - a world of services, not much serving

My project is service. My goal is to provide an integrated picture of what service is, where our instinct to serve comes from, and to untangle how we got to this point.

I call it full service-it’s a proven and practice way for organisations to reconnect their employees with customer, by reconnecting with the instinct to serve.

I believe that, in an era of broken promises and unending falsehoods,from both our public and private services, a return to the core principle of service might just be what’s needed.

I write and talk about service