2020: A new decade of service

I hope we’ve left The Experience Economy behind. I’m tired of Customer and Employee Experience. It was good while it lasted, in that it renewed everyone’s focus on the importance of the customer and the employee in any service. But the outcome of a decade of experience programmes has been some cosmetic change, but not …

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A conversation about pain

X: So I heard you were off for a few days with another headache. What’s going on there? Me: Yeah that’s right. I get a lot of headaches. Some of them last days. This was one of them. X: Oh I see! Well, can’t you just take some paracetomol like the rest of us? Me: …

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Hostile service experiences

I once had a London theatre client who discovered that their ushers, who’d been working in the role for years, had gradually taken it upon themselves to hunt down people who were trying to sneak in at the interval. The number of people doing this was tiny, perhaps under 1%, but the ushers saw their …

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The Service Design Show podcast

Marc Fonteijn was kind enough to invite me to his Service Design Show podcast. We talked about services, connecting companies back to their customers, and other things service design

Serve don’t sell

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We’re moving into a retention economy, away from an acquisition economy. That squeeze on marketing budgets? All those tough ROI questions that never used to be asked about advertising retainers? Guess what? Organisations aren’t as accepting of the leaky bucket any more. Because customers aren’t. The …

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Love and war

It matters where you start from. The business world has been enamoured with warfare for so long. The first org chart was invented by a prussian general. Strategy is a military word. We talk about capturing customers and value. Only then do we talk about love — love for a brand. Love for our customer. Love for …

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The Joy of Corporate Tidying Up

It’s a guilty secret of mine that when I get a bit stressed, I spend time at the weekend clearing out kitchen cupboards. It’s really cathartic. So the rise of Marie Kondo isn’t a big surprise to me. It’s just made it less shameful to admit to my closet, closet cleaning habit. What it’s also …

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