service design

2020: A new decade of service

I hope we’ve left The Experience Economy behind. I’m tired of Customer and Employee Experience. It was good while it lasted, in that it renewed everyone’s focus on the importance of the customer and the employee in any service. But the outcome of a decade of experience programmes has been some cosmetic change, but not …

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Hostile service experiences

I once had a London theatre client who discovered that their ushers, who’d been working in the role for years, had gradually taken it upon themselves to hunt down people who were trying to sneak in at the interval. The number of people doing this was tiny, perhaps under 1%, but the ushers saw their …

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Get big, go deep – or go home

I’ve had an interesting run over the past few weeks. I’ve been spending more time out of the studio doing strategy stuff. Which means I’ve had the chance to speak to a whole range of people in and around service design. What I’ve picked up is a consensus that service design is reaching a tipping …

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Live service feedback

Great to see technology being used to capture live feedback on services. Two examples for you: If you know any others, please drop me a line.

Crowdsourcing service design conference

There was a lot of debate at #sdnc10 about the next conference. So I set up this to capture people’s ideas. Totally unrecognised by the network itself, but hey – that’s the generation we live in.

America and Britain

Why is it that in America, where service expectations run so high and where people complain in an instant over bad service, they have no real service design industry to speak of? Whilst in the UK, where people will traditionally suffer in silence before complaining, we have a burgeoning little service design sector? Hypothesis 1: …

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