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Joel Bailey

I lead Services Design and Innovation work, and help clients use Design to transform their businesses.

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15 Years Of Experience As Service Designer and Innovation Work Planner

Right now I’m a Director at EY Seren, the global design consultancy within EY, Forrester’s Global Innovation Leader 2019. Amongst other things I lead a £3.5m portfolio of business, am responsible for a practice, and collaborate with others on the leadership team to drive the business forward.

What I Offer For Business?

Lead Service Designer

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Innovation work

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New Book

I'm embarking on a book-writing project to find out. I want to provide an integrated picture of what service is, where our instinct to serve comes from, and untangle how we got to this point. The book will provide a set of proven and practical ways for organisations to then reconnect themselves and their employees with that service instinct, and through that, with their customers. Because, by tech alone, we will not prevail.

I believe that, in an era of broken promises and unending falsehoods from both our public and private services, a return to the core principle of service might just be what’s needed.

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